EH / Collector Connector sales

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special when lit
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EH / Collector Connector sales

Post by special when lit »

Anyone else get the e-mail?
Seems Steve Hunt's given up on piers & bought the Old Elephant House & is gonna start auctioning again.
Can't see there's gonna be that many takers, given his track record.
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Re: New Steve Hunt auctions

Post by jingle »

as long as he gives out
the first few auction catalogue's free
then i cant see a problem !SORRY!

i would also like to see
the machines that turn up
at his auction
his auctions used to be the dogs balls .:*+*:.
the machines that were there
make my cry
because i never bought them,,,
if i only knew what i know
now :woops:

have all the floor machines gone??
is it just wall machines left
like the last auction and others before,

does mr hunt know were there
is a big stash !!><!!

i cant wait
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Re: New Steve Hunt auctions

Post by treefrog »

I am sure you have found the website, but indicates a Vintage Amusement Auction in March.......
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operator bell
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Re: New Steve Hunt auctions

Post by operator bell »

Jingle writes haiku!
I am fascinated by
his poetic posts.

As I read again
Something doesn't seem quite right -
Syllable miscount!

Haiku sensei say,
Pay attention, grasshopper!
Five, seven and five.

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Re: New Steve Hunt auctions

Post by jimmycowman »

I've had an email saying they are having 4 vintage amusement auctions next year (March, June, Sept., Dec). Is next year going to be slots galore????????
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Re: New Steve Hunt auctions

Post by slotalot »

:o I remember from past experience that Mr Hunt's events usually contain a little bulls**t to help them along. Will it be any better now he is working with Elephants? :!?!:
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lost mags.

Post by mervyngoodhew »

I wonder if he is bringing the mags. he never posted.
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Re: New Steve Hunt auctions

Post by jingle »

operator bell,
your scared of the trueth,
keep away from our english
forum, you dont know what were on about

spity spity spity
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Re: New Steve Hunt auctions

Post by pennymachines »

Spity Scouse haiku
Perfect English Gentlemen
Water off a duck.
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Re: New Steve Hunt auctions

Post by badpenny »

:o ........... has my medication suddenly stopped working again? Or are you lot sniffing some of your own? :!?!:

I have to admit to having as much interest in poetry (of any kind) as politicians do in telling the truth (of any kind).
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