greetings.. from northwest of UK

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greetings.. from northwest of UK

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Hello out there ...I am myself already a vintage item and probably played most of the things talked about on here as a child in the '60s... I have been described as a partial hoarder and have a workshop at home with some areas of floor and shelf space 'still' available ( if its a flat surface it goes roof high in places) & tho I should be putting my feet up I still manage an arcade and all its technical repairs.. Also I work with my associate partner who runs all types of modern machines in pubs/arcades/bowling alleys etc.accross north wales, many quite old surprisingly....we also sell new/used pooltables and arcadia items nationally if requested.. we can possibly transport equipment locally in Cheshire and north wales with tail lift van subject to availability / range and a fee.( if you are stuck for getting an item shifted )

Personally i have been collecting restoring and operating amusement machines since mid 1970's mainly em pinballs vinyl jukes a few bandits and many novelties from time to time...among my main interests I HAVE A PINBALL I BOUGHT ALMOST NEW IN 1978 AND STILL HAVE IT ' fully working '... I am on other more up to date forums and often can assist with technical queries if in my field of knowledge and a few people on here may well know me already .. i live in Cheshire and work in and around North Wales and the northwest.
I have worked in the amusement industry for many years and past employers prior to going self employed were 'associated leisure / rank leisure' where I was an engineer maintaining motorway services and pub front line machines through the 1980s - 90s but had my own little op going simultaneously... I have seen changes in electrical adaptations / coin changes / construction etc and can even boast manufactured a number novelty machines and video games in the late 80's-90's

Often get asked to fix or even restore odd vintage penny slot stuff and usually have to decline due to time restraints, in spite of wide electronic and e/m experience but I am trying to take it easier and have a bit more time now so, enrolling here and asking the odd question may be predictable as i have read a couple of past topics which filled me with confidence that this is an OK place to visit from time to time and i will try to help others in return .

I am friendly and can talk for England 'A team' on this topic as you may have deduced from this longish intro.......... so leaving it here I WILL BE BACK ! .......... i use the same ID on here as on one other forum i look at occasionally
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Re: greetings.. from northwest of UK

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Howdy and welcome.
It's great to have someone with your experience and enthusiasm willing to contribute, we look forward to hearing more from you.

Any photos you could tease us with? !!PHOTO!! We love photos.
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