German Bandit reel Strips...

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German Bandit reel Strips...

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Hi - Those who know me are aware of my connection with the German machines scene - I am presently preparing replacement reel strips and other data sheets for the Wulff Bandits from Germany, e.g Beromats, Novomats, etc., etc... These sets will shortly be available as a service replacement item complete with a dummy shaft and fitting sheet. I have quite a few models already finished but am struggling for the sequence and colours on certain models to complete the listings.. I have lots of mechs. in stock but unaware of which models they represent ! : Anyone with ANY German bandit from this Company please contact me and I will send a Mail letting you know how to copy the sequences for me .. It is a long, hard battle but these new strips are great for any restoration or just to uprate your machine, they make an unbelievable difference when fitted ... On the subject of the reel system of the DOUBLE SIX [ please someone find ME one !] the reels are stopped by the release action of the levers at the back, these are clamped to the operating shaft and were adjustable in certain cases - The 3 release levers are set from left to right with a slight stagger and as the cross shaft rotates it releases them in sequence - If you check on the lower boss of the lever you can tell whether it is clamped or pinned. Some models were secured to the shaft with a small roll pin and clamp screw, these are not adjustable , the other one which has no roll pin can be slackened off and rotated forward to bring it further into contact thereby coming off later or rotating backwards which will allow earlier release and therefore earlier stopping of the reel - I think it would be good to have the centre reel stopping last, this being the index award reel, this can be done by reversing the angle on the centre and right reel brake lever clamps .. Any questions about this please mail me .. Cheers ! Harold E
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Re: German Bandit reel Strips...

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Thanks Harold ............ I'll pm you.
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Re: German Bandit reel Strips...

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I currently have 2 machines, one with numbers and one with fruit symbols, if I can be of any help, please let me know. There is also a site you may want to visit: ... &Itemid=80

Paul Anderton
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