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Rockola Tempo 1 model 1468 jukebox for sale

Postby pennymachines robot » Wed Feb 12, 2020 4:21 pm

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Superb 1950s visual play jukebox, styled on the USA cars of the time with chrome bumpers and wrap around windscreens.
Selection is via a rotating drum, each showing 40 songs to choose from, selection chosen from numbered buttons. Drum rotates to a new set of selections by pressing one of the three selection buttons near the top of the machine. All records are 45 rpm, can be singles or extended play 45s.
Had been in private collection for for the last 24 years and privately owned from its early days. It's in excellent condition and serviced and maintained as appropriate. It's original in terms of never having needed a restoration as it's been well looked after.

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