From The German .....

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From The German .....

Post by badpenny »

I expect most of you have seen the paper sheet that sits inside the rear of the case of Gunter Wulff wall bandits.


Now I can pretty well find my way around these mechs and have gotten to the bottom of most of the wrinkles these blighters can throw at you when you're not looking.
However I've often wondered what little gems may be hiding in the script. So I've peered at one from every angle and have come to the conclusion that the words are too near to the paper for my liking.
I'm not too bad with Latin based languages, I'm fluent at gibberish but Nordic/Saxon defeats me.
I copied it down and got ......
Zur Beachtung!
Auflulien des NOVOMAT:
Sperrhebel Im Sortieres nach links drucken and in
under. in den Zulaukanal vom Moneprefer einwerfer, die dann in
los dur Zahlrabred
dits Genit solange
le normal b
wardan sind, d

haber und Gewehr fur ricange Austahlune gegeben ist.
Herausnehmen der Maschine:
Dis bulden aberen Hoitaklemmen Ibsen, Klemmplatin nach
er lustschrauben
o haraus
ch recht herminbobon.
tu eslifen ist, dall der
zokahrler Reilenfulge, wobmi daraul

Pilege und Schmierung:
grauspaseleten algemtinen Pile
beachten, d
dab dio Lager des Lantwerke
ugh Ol. in

nat das Lautwerk blackiert.
wasierlen Ka
ia vergesahau
hillip der Mangarafer und der Zulaufka

nen Lacher
zum Sore
frei ablaufen

I then tried Google and the outcome was 100% meaningless, apart from the word Novomat.
I searched the web and the best I could come up with was a technical site that confidently assured me it meant: -
Take note!
Lowering of NOVOMAT: Lock lever Print left in the sort and in under. in the channel of the monper headlights, which is then in los dur numerrabred dits genit as long as le normal b played wardan, d lover and rifle is given for ricange oysters.
Removing the machinery: Dis bulden bitter hoitaklemmen ibsen, clamping platinum after the lustscrew o haraus I quite herminbobon. tu eslifen is, all the zokahrler Reilenfulge, wobmi daraul pilege and lubrication:
Note the gray-spaselete algemtinen pile, d dab dio lager des Lantwerke ugh Ol. in nat, the volume is blackened. wasierkia ka ia vergesahau hillip of the mangarafer and the influx cans a salmon free to the goal.
Now this is all very well, and I fully intend to judiciously "mangarafer and the influx cans a salmon free to the goal" for sure. I think the major issue without doubt is going to be "clamping platinum after the lustscrew" I'm all out of lustscrews, metric and imperial.

So I was wondering before I "played wardan" in order for " lover and rifle is given for ricange oysters" I'd just enquire if anybody here Deutsch lesen.
Perhaps Mr. P himself?????

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Re: From The German .....

Post by treefrog »

Ah, well if you select Austrian instead of German it will all become clear !PUZZLED!

Funny thing is, when I did it, it thought it was Czech. Also you need the special characters
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Re: From The German .....

Post by coppinpr »

I got a little further, I can now assure you its correct to "pile oil onto the bearing ugh!"
and the sheet ends with "no laughter!, too sore,free to run"

oh yes ,I forgot to mention "the Moneprefer headlamps, are then free of charge due to the number of reddits"
chris rideout
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Re: From The German .....

Post by chris rideout »

I have seen similar drivel appear on the TV subtitles. English is about 90% accurate, French is about 80% accurate but Welsh and German don't make much sense. Quite often the subtitles state: "They speak in their own language" or if you are lucky, you will see: "Translation" followed by your selected language.

Other wording on the Wulff machines threatened rough treatment such as sclagen and stossen on your machine ist VERBOTEN! Now raise your right arm 45 degrees and do a John Cleese silly walk and keep piling that oil onto your bearing ugh!

PS: Don't mention the war.
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Re: From The German .....

Post by pennymachines »

My transcription:
Zur Beachtung!
Auf├╝llen des NOVOMAT:
1. Linken beweglichen Sperrhebel im Sortierer nach links dr├╝cken und in dieser Stellung festhalten.
2. M├╝nzen nacheinander in den Zulaufkanal vom M├╝nzpr├╝fer, die dann in die Zahlr├Âhre laufen.
3. Nach Auff├╝llen der Zahlrohre das Ger├Ąt solange sur Kontrolle normal bespielen, bis mehrmals Gewinne ausgezahlt worden sind, damit sich die Schieber gef├╝llt haben und Gew├Ąhl f├╝r richtige Auszahlung gegeben ist.

Herausnehmen der Maschine:
1. Die beiden oberen Halteklemmen l├Âsen, Klemmplatte nache oben schieben und dann wieder festschrauben.
2. Untere Fl├╝gelshcraube herausdrehen.
3. Chassis seitlich nach rechts herausheben.
4. Einbau erfolgt in ungekehrter Reihenfolge, wobei darauf zu achten ist, da├č der Kupplungszapfer in den Mitnehmer der Abrei├čwelle eingesetzt ist.

Pflege und Schmierung:
Neben der als bekannt vorausgesetzten allgemeinen Pflege und Schmierung der Maschine ist unbedingt zu beachten, da├č die Lager des Laufwerkes - innen und au├čen - etwa alle 3 Monate regelm├Ą├čig mit einigen Tropfen mittelfl├╝ssigen, s├Ąureund harzfreien Oles getr├Ąnkt werden. Auf keinen Fall darf jedoch Ol in den Fliehkraftregler gelangen, da sonst das Laufwerk blockiert. Dagegen bed├╝rfen die Walzen keiner Wartung; da diese auf dauergeschmierlen Kugellagern laufen.
Die Auszahlschieber sind ebenfalls regelm├Ą├čig in den hierfur vorgesehenen L├Âchern zu ├Âlen, w├Ąhrend die Au├čenkanten des Schieberpaketes einzufetten sind.
Unbedingt sind regelm├Ą├čig der M├╝nzpr├╝fer und der Zulaufkanal von diesem zum Sortierer von den Schmutzablagerungen zu reinigen, damit die M├╝nzen einwandfrei ablaufen.

and translation:
Please note!
To Refill the NOVOMAT:
1. Push the left movable locking lever in the coin detector to the left and hold it in this position.
2. Feed coins, one after the other, via the coin validator chute, so they run into the payout tube.
3. After filling the payout tube, continue to play the device normally until winnings have been paid out several times and the slides have filled and the correct payment has been made.

Removing the Mechanism:
1. Loosen the two upper holding clamps, push the clamping plate upwards and then screw it tight again.
2. Unscrew the lower wing nuts.
3. Lift the chassis out to the right.
4. Installation is carried out in the reverse order, making sure that the mechanism's drive pin is correctly engaged with the pull arm coupling.

Care and Lubrication:
In addition to the usual maintenance and lubrication of the machine, it is important to ensure that the drive bearings - inside and outside ÔÇô are regularly soaked with a few drops of medium, acid and resin-free oil, approximately every 3 months. Under no circumstances should oil get into the centrifugal governor, otherwise the drive will be blocked. However, the rollers require no maintenance; because they run on permanently lubricated ball bearings.
The payout slides should also be oiled regularly in the holes provided for this purpose, while the outer edges of the slide stack should be greased.
It is important that the coin validator and the feed channel from this to the coin hopper are regularly cleaned of dirt deposits so that the coins do not stick.

Maybe someone more familiar with the Novomat could improve on some of my guesses. The word 'Sortierer' crops up a couple of times - literally, 'sorter', I''ve rendered it as 'coin detector' and 'coin hopper', depending on context, but not sure which is correct. And what about the controversial, "payout slides should also be oiled regularly"? There is a small hole at the top of the payout slides, but is that what it means?
Where are our German friends when we need them?
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Re: From The German .....

Post by badpenny »

That's superb!
Thanks so much Mr. P, your time in The Hitler Youth wasn't wasted.

I'd say the instruction to oil the slides is accurate. Although we tell collectors not to, it's mainly because we don't hammer them enough so the coins sit in the slides for far too long, consequently the oil leeches into them. Also Zamak is notorious for being more porous than other cast metals, consequently it holds a film of oil quite well. So it makes sense to me.

The first instruction for filling the coin tube refers to "Push the left movable locking lever in the coin detector to the left and hold it in this position." This is a function that is often removed from these machines before we get hold of them. It's an interesting little mechanism that starts with the axle that the kicker legs connect to. An arm attached to it pulls a spring loaded finger off the top of the pay out tube. and then at the end of the cycle fires it back. Not only does it cover the opening to the tube it also flicks any coin that can't enter (which because they drop vertically, will be on edge) which then gets knocked over to the parallel overflow tube.
Due to converting for English coinage the pay out tube was often changed and the replacements usually had an escape hole and lip half way down the tube. So those "movable locking levers" got removed.

Most useful, plus I can now hide my lust screws for another day.

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Re: From The German .....

Post by pennymachines »

OK, so I've put it in Resources. :cool:
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