Bryans Bumper

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Bryans Bumper

Post by fruitbowl »

Here is my attempt at building a Bryans Bumper.
I made this in 2018. I also added a stand to compliment the machine, continuing the Art Deco style down the front and sides, all built to scale and weight. Works well and pays out correctly.
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by treefrog »

Wow wow wow !OMFG!

That is awesome. Having just read the flyer, they were big and the stand is stunning in combo. Are the internals made as per the patent? Would be great to see a video working and inside....

You could have had a lot of fun here suggesting you have just restored the machine found in the back of a shed. :HaHa:
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by 13rebel »

Absolutely incredible! Well done. **xXx**
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special when lit
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by special when lit »

Great. Looks just like the 3 originals that I've got in my shed.
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by moonriver »

Fantastic job. Isn't it amazing what is being quietly constructed in the privacy of collector's homes?
All you need now is to empty the Hoover bag into it and hide it in the shed for 20 years.
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by luckystar »

Hi great job. I thought about making one a couple of years ago but never got round to it. Have you got any pictures of the works? Would be interested in seeing how it works. Pete.
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by pennymachines »

That's absolutely amazing! I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought for a moment you'd turned up an original. Until I noticed it was in the build forum... You should have held back another four days and posted it under Discoveries.

We need to know more about its construction. Did you make your own patterns for the castings? How did you 're-invent' the mechanism (as there's no patent)? How long did it take?
Please record a video of it working. !!THUMBSX2!!
moonriver wrote: Sun Mar 28, 2021 1:27 pm All you need now is to empty the Hoover bag into it and hide it in the shed for 20 years.
Next time I'm offered one, I'll study the woodgrain! Not that I'd let that put me off.
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by geofflove »

Love to see it working. Amazing!
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by bryans fan »

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john t peterson
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by john t peterson »


Note to Gameswat: Here is your next project. Art has your name all over it.

J Peterson
Start Decoing, Buster
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