Old penny price

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Old penny price

Post by jimmycowman »

What price are people paying for old pennies? Are local car boot are now charging 20p each which I think is a bit steep...
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Re: Old penny price

Post by special when lit »

Last lot I bought I got 120 for about £6, off Ebay.
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Re: Old penny price

Post by treefrog »

Big problem with selling old pennies online is that the shipping cost is so high.

When bags of 1200 use to sell, they generally went for between 8p and 12p per coin, but that was the good old days when we had auctions and smaller lots were more expensive .....so 20p seems steep, especially if they are worn.
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Re: Old penny price

Post by coppinpr »

You can just about get 100 for £14 inc. postage on ebay these days, so 14p per coin.
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