UNEDA Miniature Pin Table

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UNEDA Miniature Pin Table

Post by abusa817 »

I have a Uneda Miniature Pin Table (Automatic Machine Company) which I inherited from my Grandfather. I know that it was bought in 1932 Brand New, and still plays as if it was. There are no blemishes, or scratches, everything is as it was in 1932. I also know that it never left the family and is still in exceptional condition. I have an idea on how much it is worth, but I'm no expert. Does anyone know its true value?
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Re: UNEDA Miniature Pin Table

Post by geofflove »

As no one has replied I’ll add my very non-expert view. Valuing stuff like this is very hard. In pinball terms the earliest flipperless versions tend to have a niche following. Most think in playing terms they are a bit boring compared to post 40s stuff and thus aren’t interested but that’s missing the point for their charm.
They often sell for a few hundred but this one is clearly in exceptional condition so a collector of these might be keen to have it. Ultimately as has been said here many times, the value of an item is whatever someone is prepared to pay for it in the day you sell. Get 2 rich, flipperless pinball collectors in a room (real or virtual) when you sell and you’ll likely get more than if you sell it at a local car boot. It’s always about finding the buyers.
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Re: UNEDA Miniature Pin Table

Post by pennymachines »

Apparently the Automatic Machine Co. Ltd. made several variants of the UNEDA - see UNEDA Bagatelle Table and the Horseshoe Pintable in the Museum.

Our British slot machine sale record in the Arena contains 4 UNEDAs: £100 and a no sale in 2014, £260 in 2019 and £95 in 2020, so it's averaging out around £150. As for its true value - as Fr Jack Hackett would say, "that's an ecumenical matter".
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Re: UNEDA Miniature Pin Table

Post by badpenny »

Over the years I've had 5 of these, including the type with the spinney disc ball delivery system.
The most I paid was about £85 and the best I ever got back was in the order of £125.

Of course twelve years on and with the current urge for frantic buying, who knows?
I moved on from these when I discovered the larger, earlier games that incorporated automatic score drums that progressed by the ball bearing passing through a gate like a turnstile.

BP :cool:
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