Side ornaments on Mills War Eagle needed

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Side ornaments on Mills War Eagle needed

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Does anybody have a 1 :1 picture, drawing, stencil, decal or measurements from the side ornaments as shown on the picture? I know originally the ornaments where put on by screen printing but I have nobody who could do this for me and no template to work with, so it is not an option.
I will probably go with airbrush even if it will take a while. In case somebody knows the color code for the ornaments and pin stripes I am also looking for them too. If somebody knows a source for information I am also interested.

Any help will be appreciated !

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Side ornaments on Mills War Eagle needed

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I am guessing reading the thread below stencils we’re made back in the day and one of our old colleagues had one, not.


See also below threads with people offering help on US coin op forum for I guess the same stencil who may help, first one has left email address ... cil#p15233 ... it=Stencil
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