Bradley Challenger and variants

American, British, French or German? We want to know about it.
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Quite different

Post by roger »

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Some time ago I had two English machines which struck my fancy and were great fun to play.
They were very similar to coinops that have appeared under various topics in our forum.
Most fall under the general category of "coin drop" or "improved challenger".
In my opinion, these other versions lack the Pizzazz of my former machines.

So, here is a similar picture to the ones I had in my collection.
DRUM ROLL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Roger
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P.S. One of the other guys
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Re: Quite different

Post by brigham »

Splendid machines.
I still have examples of both, although my Challenger has been converted to a Zig-Zag.
As well as the penny Super Challenger, I also have the '3d pays 1/-', version, working on the delightful brass thre'penny bit, which (for the benefit of North American readers), resembles the twelve-sided Canadian nickel.
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Re: Bradley Challenger and variants

Post by led77 »

Can anyone tell me: my Challenger has the center slot blanked off so the coins go down into the operator's box. If this is not like this how would the operator's profit coins get into the box? I prefer the center chute like this. It makes it more interesting.
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Re: Bradley Challenger and variants

Post by JC »

When any column is released to the player, the coin that releases it drops into the cash box.
So for every win, the machine gets a penny, which would give an overall pay-out ratio of around 3 to 1
i.e. for every 3 or 4 pennies the machine pays out, the machine gets 1.
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