What is your dream machine?

American, British, French or German? We want to know about it.
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What is your dream machine?

Post by badpenny »

What is your dream machine? Regardless of cost or size. Perhaps you already have it?

Being into bandits I'd love a ....
or because I also collect any slot ...

Over to you, who knows there may be somebody reading this who has just what you want!
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Re: What is your dream machine?

Post by arrgee »

Ah............. I walked by a charity shop the other day, saw this old slot machine in the corner, went in and asked the grey haired octogenarian lady if I could take the old machine off her hands for a fiver as it would amuse the children in the local orphanage. Thank you young man, of course you can she said, so feeling generous I gave her a ten quid and staggered out with the Retreeva.

As I went down the road my foot slipped on the curb and I dropped the machine. I woke up swearing.
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Re: What is your dream machine?

Post by woody »

Great Idea to start this thread....

Well I would like ... a Novelty Merchant Man Crane, Handan-Ni Bomb Dropper, Lighthouse Grip by Quested and Target for Tonight by Oliver Whales.

But wait - I forgot I acquired the Target for Tonight yesterday - pic below.....

If you have any of these machines in your garden please get in touch
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Re: What is your dream machine?

Post by rigg »

What an easy topic and such a good vehicle to express my simple desires.
I would like to have a DELUXE allwin that I recall as a kid. With elaborate scroll work in shiny metal and green felt or velvet backing (if my childhood memory is correct).
But wait....... there's more.
How could my collection be short of 'The Clown'! a complicated beauty that called out to me as a kid. I was happy in just admiring its build and character, as it was nearly always able to gobble up my pennies and leave me in a love/hate relationship with it!!
Yes, sad but true... but I didn't start this bloody thread!
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Re: What is your dream machine?

Post by pennymachines »

When I started collecting there were about 10 on my dream list. Many years later the list has changed but the number hasn't. I'm not publishing the list in case it gives ideas to a collector with bigger pockets.
When the Elektromat short circuits and the house goes up in flames - which machine would I rescue before dialling 999? The Retreeva.
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Re: What is your dream machine?

Post by jimmycowman »

Mine at the moment is the Stevenson and Lovett Conveyor wall machine! One will turn up some time. Keep looking on ebay and the odd live auction. Where can I find one?????????? :dammit:
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Re: What is your dream machine?

Post by rigg »

This one is in Sydney, if you really want one jimmycowman!! He recently had it on ebay but I lost touch with it. I bought a machine from this guy some time ago and he has a Conveyor amongst the other items he was thinning out due to divorce! In the meantime, just be happy with a picture I suppose.
Ps. Hey pennymachines, I somehow managed this upload with any probs!!!
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Re: What is your dream machine?

Post by slotalot »

Hi Jimmycowman, :D I also like the Conveyor and would love to own one :cool:. This is one that turned up on Ebay about 6 month back and went for over £1000 :shock: I think that went to Australia. Maybe one day I will be lucky and find one at the right price :tarah:
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Re: What is your dream machine?

Post by coin-op »

That seems a lot of money for that particular Conveyor. However, they are a classic machine both in terms of 'game play' and the futuristic art deco graphics. I guess the price maybe reflects the fact that they don't seem to come up that often. Whereas you will always come across an allwin of one sort or another, the Conveyor is pretty unique.
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Re: Conveyor

Post by bryans fan »

You`ll all have to make do with playing the one in the Arcade for the moment!! Come to think of it I`d quite like one too!!
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