Enabling Javascript in your Browser

Check Browser Version

From the browser's Help menu choose the last item labeled About Internet Explorer. Macintosh users should go to the application name menu or the Apple menu and select the first item labeled About Internet Explorer. This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 6 (or later). If you are using an earlier version, we recommend you upgrade it now.

Enable JavaScript

  • From the Tools menu select Internet Options.
  • Select the Security tab.
  • Pick the Internet zone icon.
  • Select the Custom Level button.
  • Scroll down the Security Settings dialogue box to the Scripting options.
  • Under the Active scripting item, choose the Enable radio button.
  • Click OK and Yes in the alert box to confirm and close the Security Settings dialogue box.
  • Click OK again to close the Internet Options dialogue box.
  • Refresh the current page.

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