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Jukeboxes and Mechanical Music in Print (2 of 4)

History, Appreciation and Identification

Jukeboxes by Adams, Lukas & Maschke.

1950s-'60s jukebox history, technology, manufacturers with advice on collecting, maintaining and restoring. Evolutionary photo chronicle with clear pictures of mechanisms and illustrated index of model numbers by manufacturer. Hardback, 144 pages, 241 b/w, 64 colour photos. Our Price: £30

1996, Schiffer Publishing Ltd., USA, ISBN 0-88740-876-1.

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Jukebox - The Golden Age by Vincent Lynch and B Hennkin.

This compact book shows a series excellent quality color photographs by Kazuhiro Tsuruta of fully restored jukeboxes, speakers and wallboxes from 1937-1948. Heavy on full-page pictures and light on text. If you want to see the best of the best, this is the book. See also American Jukebox. Hardback, 110 pages, colour (out of print).

1983, Thames and Hudson, UK, ISBN 0399508449.

Jukebox Heaven by G Rosendahl and L Wildschut.

Worthy contribution from the Dutch enthusiasts covering all models from the early 1930s to 1962 when the visible mechanisms disappeared. Five chapters: AMI, Rockola, Seeburg, Wurlitzer, the others (Filben, United, Mills, Packard and the European Tonomat, NSM, Beromat etc), with nformation on finding, restoring, pricing and records. Hardback, 187 pages, colour and b/w (out of print). Our Price: £35

1991, Uniepers b.v., Abcoude, Holland, ISBN 90-6825-098-1.

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Mechanical Music by Kevin McElhone.

This extended edition surveys the many types of exotic mechanical instruments including cylinder musical boxes, Polyphons, pianolas, player pianos, barrel, street, fairground and indoor organs, pocket-sized musical boxes, roll-playing pipe organs, pianolas, organettes, roller organs, orchestrions, nickelodeons, carillons and many more. Softback, 48 pages, 107 colour and 7 b/w illustrations. Our Price: £5

Shire Publications, ISBN 0 7478 0578 4.

The Musical Box - A Guide for Collectors by A W J G Ord-Hume.

Authoritative and comprehensively illustrated history of the instruments, their development and technology, with advice on buying, repairing, maintaining, displaying and pricing. Hardback, 343 pages, colour & b/w. Our Price: £57

1995, Schiffer Publishing Ltd., USA, ISBN 0-88740-764-1.

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The Official Price Guide to Antique Jukeboxes (The Millennium Edition) by S K Loots.

Useful up-to-date identification and condition graded price guide to pre-1967 American Jukeboxes. Softback, 78 pages, b/w. Our Price: £16

2000, Victory Glass Co., USA, ISBN 930181018.

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