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British Slot Machines in Print (1 of 4)

History, Appreciation and Identification

Amusement Machines by Lynn F Pearson.

This potted history of British amusement machines is a well illustrated and useful introduction. to the subject. Softback, 32 pages, 62 illustrations, b/w. Currently out of print. (Shire Album 285). Our Price: £12

1992, Shire Publications Ltd., UK, ISBN 0-7478-0179-7.

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Arcades and Slot Machines by Paul Braithwaite.

Thoroughly researched A - Z survey of the British coin slot industry from 1870 - 1970. Includes a history of travelling, pier-head and town arcades, plus plenty of photos of familiar and rare machines. The definitive British slot machine collector's identification guide. Softback, 105 pages, colour & b/w. Our Price: £12

1997, Carter Books, UK.

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Automatic Pleasures: The History Of The Coin Machine by Nic Costa.

The first (and only hardback) book on the history of coin-operated machines from a British social history perspective, focuses on some of the earliest and rarest machines. Out of print for many years now. Hardback, 225 pages, colour & b/w. Our Price: £40

1988, Kevin Francis Publishing Ltd., London, ISBN 1-870703-00-6.

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More Automatic Pleasures: The Slot Machine Revolution by Nic Costa.

Available at last in book format, Nic Costa's entertaining and well researched articles on the growth and development of the slot machine industries in the USA and the UK from the 1870s to the 1970s, covering the major U.S. (Mills, Caille, Jennings, Rockola, Wurlitzer, Gottlieb, and Bally etc.) and U.K.(Ahrens, Bolland, Brenner, Bryans, etc.) manufacturers and leading pioneers, distributors, and operators. Since their publication in the World's Fair Coin Slot in the 1980s, they have been a primary source of information for anybody interested in the growth, development, and social impact of the gambling, leisure, vending and service industries on both sides of the Atlantic. Softback, 180 pages, b/w. Our Price: £17

2013, DAleman Publishing, ISBN-10: 9963291740.

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Automatic Vending Machines by Colin Emmins.

Tracing the evolution of vending machines from their origins up until the 1980s with evocative location pictures. Softback, 32 pages, about 50 illustrations in b/w. Currently out of print. (Shire Album 316).

1995, Shire Publications Ltd., UK, ISBN 0-7478-0287-4.

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A Century of Amusement Machines: Gaming in the 20th Century by Mark Clapson.

A brief history of British play-for-pay machines from BACTA, the British amusement industry's trade association. Softback, 28 pages, colour & b/w.

1999 British Amusements Catering Trades Association, London.

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Penny Arcadia by Jon Gresham.

Concise history and illustrated museum guide of the late Jon Gresham's great collection of vintage British, European and American slot machines, formerly housed at The Ritz Cinema, Pocklington. Softback, 16 pages, b/w.

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Penny-in-the-Slot Automata & Working Models by Darren Hesketh.

The first comprehensive guide to these peculiar amusements which have entertained visitors to the seaside, fairground or exhibition for over a century. Over 200 colour illustrations including many of the rarest coin-operated models and tableaux from the 1860s to the 1970s, with price guide. Miniature scenes of tragedy, horror and comedy: tortures, executions, hauntings, inebriation, laughing clowns, sailors, puppet shows and more. Hardback, 224 pages, colour. See full review. Our Price: £60

2005, Robert Hale Ltd., UK, ISBN 0-7090-7408-5.

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Old-Tyme Penny Arcade & the Vintage Fairground by Darren Hesketh.

A two DVD set featuring slot machines in action at Carter's Steam Fair, Dingles, Bryan's Drayton Manor, Folly Farm, Merrivale model village, Watermouth Castle, Wookey Hole, Yesterdays World and other attractions. Total playing time 155 mins. See full review. No Longer Available

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