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British Slot Machines in Print (3 of 4)

Trade Promotional and Advertising

AMECO Machines Catalogue

"Make hay while the sun shines, make hay while the rain rains" is the slogan on AMECO's (Amusement Equipment Company Ltd.) 1950s catalogue. This is the strategy they adopted: the 17 machines illustrated are reconditioned wall-machines from Germany that were flooding the British market at this time. Softback, 10 pages, two-tone.

Amusement Equipment Company Ltd. Catalogue

The Amusement Equipment Company Ltd. "Manufacturers and Factors for all types of Coin-Operated and Amusement Devices" sold many classic British machines, together with those from further afield, from their Hong Kong Works at the Exhibition Grounds, Wembley in the late 1930s. 62 machines illustrated. Reproduced by Mike Monaghan 1980. Softback, 16 pages, b/w.

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Automatic Amusement Machines Catalogue

Mid 1930s catalogue from the Bolland's Automatic Machine Supply Co. Ltd., a major slot machine manufacturer and distributor. 37 machines illustrated: British, American and German. Softback, 16 pages, b/w.

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Bryans Automatic Machines Catalogue

"Bryans Machines are so Different". Bryans Works at Kegworth, Derby issued a small catalogue of their games in the early 1930s and, thereafter, loose-leaf advertising flyers extolling in detail the merits of most of their products. Softback, 12 pages, two-tone.

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Coin Automatic Machine Manufacturers Catalogue

"Price List and Illustrations of Coin Automatic Machines" from this important manufacturer based at The Phoenix Works, Hurst Street, Birmingham in the early 1920s. Seven elegant line drawings illustrate the machines, several of which are copies of German designs. Softback, 10 pages, colour.

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Hawtins Slot Machine Catalogue

A fascinating document illustrating the full range of products offered by this Blackpool company in the 1930s, probably the largest British amusement machine factory of its day, judging by the shop-floor pictures. Softback, 24 pages, colour & b/w.

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