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Snuff vendor

Product Venders

A five-drachma-in-the-slot sacred water dispenser by Heron of Alexandria (10 -70 AD) was probably the world's first coin automat, and indeed it was vending machines which eventually ushered in the coin machine age, towards the end of the nineteenth century. Although designed to deliver a product, such as a chocolate bar or postage stamp, in exchange for coins, without any element of chance, bitter experience teaches us this is not how they behave. Their mechanical frailties frequently left honest customers short changed, while dishonest folk could get something for nothing. They only became truly reliable, towards the end of the 20th Century, with microchips monitoring their input and output. Their mundane function was often offset by an elaborate outward exterior which served as a form of sculptural advertising.

VAL Venders

These solid little cast aluminum vending machines with their enamel signs and brass coin releases, were once common outside shops and stations dispensing "Frujettas", Peppermints, cigarettes and other small packaged products.

Automatic Sale Co. Ltd.

VAL Frujetta vender VAL Peppermints vender


Platform Tickets vender

Platform Tickets

Cast iron.

British Machine Company


Cigarettes vender

Cigarettes Vender



Automatic Value vender

Automatic Value



Player's Navy Cut Venders


Navy Cut 1 Navy Cut 2


Watkins Automatic Delivery Machine

Watkins Automatic Delivery Machine

This one is dispensing phonograph needles, but the machine lent itself to vending any similar small packaged products.

Watkins Patents


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Wardonia vender

Wardonia Vender




Stamp & Postacard vender

Stamp & Postcard Vender