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Supplier and manufacturer of a wide range of compression, extension and torsion springs.



Welcome to Local Locks Ltd Bolton. We are a leading emergency locksmith in Bolton, one that genuinely operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Having many years experience, we have the right knowledge to help you with your requirements.


PAT. No.  FR481713  Bijou Pickwick   Pessers, Moody, Wraith & Gurr, 1917  


PAT. No.  GB101179  Coin-freed, token paying, amusement machine mechanism   Pessers, Moody, Wraith & Gurr, 1916  


PAT. No.  GB100980  Check delivery mechanism for coin games   Pessers, Moody, Wraith & Gurr, 1916  


PAT. No.  GB152171  Multi-coin vending apparatus   Richard Henry John Pessers, 1920  


PAT. No.  GB150535  Rocking or rotating prize vending coin game   Albert Benjamin Brinkworth & Henry John Gerrard Pessers, 1920  


PAT. No.  GB192467  Prize vending coin game   Henry John Gerard & Richard Henry John Pessers, 1923  


PAT. No.  GB189805669  Prize vending coin game   Henry John Gerard Pessers, 1899  


PAT. No.  GB189824528  Coin actuated fortune dial   Henry John Gerard Pessers, 1898  


PAT. No.  GB189918232  Ball game with plunger   John Gerrard Cornelius Maria Pessers, 1900  


PAT. No.  GB190017574  Token pay shooting game with moving soldier figure   John Gerrard Cornelius Maria Pessers, 1901  


PAT. No.  GB190206830  Tivoli type   JG Pessers, H Klein, 1925  


PAT. No.  GB190907922  Coin acceptor testing   Jofeh, Pessers, Moody, 1909  


PAT. No.  GB190924946  Improvements in weighing apparatus   Pessers, Moody, Wraith & Gurr, 1910  


PAT. No.  GB191408176  Tivoli type   Henry John Gerard Pessers, 1914  


PAT. No.  GB191510036  Bijou Pickwick   Pessers, Moody, Wraith & Gurr, 1915  


German-based auction catalogue search engine.



Reproduction reel strips, award cards, mint wrappers, decals & miscellaneous paper items for American antique slot machines. (Currently no online payments).


US-based auction search and bid platform, directed particularly at collectors and traders in vintage collectibles, including gaming memorabilia.



Diary of vintage slot machine sales, auctions and events in this country and beyond.



Online and print magazine with news, information and articles about British and international antique and fine art sales and collecting. Includes an auction item search.



European-based antique and fine art auction tracker with facilities for searching, and online bidding.



Describe themselves as 'Europe's premier live auction site enabling you to buy anything from consumer electronics to industrial equipment online'.



BMCo. Gretna Green Smithy


Place bids and attend traditional bricks and mortar auctions online. Specializing in farm and equipment auctions, real estate auctions, livestock auctions, commercial auctions and vehicle auctions.


US online auction site like salesroom 


Italian online selling site. Lots of Italian machines and other European


General online selling site


General online sales site


UK marketplace and classifieds platform. London, Brighton, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Leicester and Liverpool are amongst the most active areas. 


Selling a range of bygone artefacts, including coin in the slot machines. 


UK branch of the American multinational e-commerce auction and market. Also: Ebay Australia, Ebay France, Ebay Germany and Ebay USA


Long-running jukebox and slot machine show held in Autotron, Rosmalen, Holland.


Biannual trading market of collectable slot machines, pinballs and jukeboxes held in Illinois, USA.


Online classified advertisement website.


UK auction lot searching and bidding service with price guide.


Annual sale of vintage amusement machines.


Leamington Spa based sales of antique amusement machines and related paraphernalia.


Dutch online trading market.