BMCo. Gretna Green Smithy
Les Moulins de la Galette
Door of an old French machine a sous.
Bryans Fivewin
Le Phenix
Le Phenix, 1904
Le Patriote 1906
La Puce
LA PUCE 1928
Beat the Goalie
Nestle Chocolate vendor
Cast iron twin Nestles Chocolate vendor
BMCo mechanism
Horizontal arm in BMCo autopay allwin
Stereo viewer
Coin cup
Measuring coin cup
Measuring coin cup
Measuring coin cup
Watling Gum Ball
Watling gum ball 1 cent.
Jennings Victory
Jennings Victory 1d.
Watling Bird of Paradise Rol-a-Top
Watling Bird of Paradise 1f (intended for the French market).
Watling Bird of Paradise Rol-a-Top
25c Bird of Paradise.
Watling Treasury
High quality Watling reproduction Treasury. Genuine cabinet fitted with original blue seal mech.
Mills Criss Cross
Line up
Hi tops & Gum vendor
Deci King
German Kalloscop stero viewer
Philip Shefras Flash Win
Flash Win playfield
Flash Win cabinet
Flash Win upper view
Flash Win lower view
Flash Win lower playfield
Flash Win solenoid payout
Flash Win interior