Username coppinpr

Golden Falls
Built this from parts - not perfect but OK.
Aristocrat Nevada
This machine had provision for a light tower so I managed to get one and fit it and get it working
Duo Mat
I have a soft spot for German machines.
A nice easy machine to restore. I've done several.
Silver Jubilee
Interesting machine, started life on 6d , went to France when decimals came in and saw service on French money, came back to the UK when France went Euro. When I took the base off, I found almost 400 6d coins that had been travelling back and forth across the channel.
Sega Strike A Bonanza
A nice original Sega I wish I hadn't sold.
Goetchen tade stim
You got to like the lady smoking the cig on the front.
Groetchen 21
I like trade stims. I have about 6 I think.
Mills Jewel
Tried to get this back to original but wasn't happy with it.
Easy Perm
A classic allwin.
Jennings Galaxy
Also Sega clone "Lucky Devil" and Film Stars. I've since sold all of these.
Many Happy Returns
I don't have many allwins but I do have a couple of these giant R&W machines I like a lot.
Flowers Bell Fruit
An unusual Bell Fruit with Flowers brewery reel strips.
Mills Extraordinary
A rare machine for me as I bought it already restored.
Buckley Criss Cross
I like Buckleys - a nice Art Deco design. This one has a Buckley mech rather than the usual Mills.
Little Stockbroker
Bought this from a guy who had about 210 of them. This one from Margate Pier.
Jennings Chief
If you're going to collect bandits you got to have one of these of course.
Golden Nugget
I had a Golden Nugget ironmongery set, so I made this one up just to sell really.