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Pace girl 1
One of the 21 plastic cocktail waitresses made for the Golden Casino, Reno. They would be 58 this year (2014). I don't own any of these, but occasionally they come up for sale.
Pace girl 2
I'm told her name is Alexis. Somebody loves Alexis - she has on actual clothes. Most are just painted. Their casino home was destroyed by fire in 1962, but all 21 of the girls were inexplicably absent from the property that day.
Pace girl 3
Number three, seen at an auction house.
Pace girl 4
They are all slightly different - faces, hair, makeup, the way they stand.
Pace girl 5
This one was pictured in Marshall Fey's excellent historical book "Slot Machines", 1983.
Pace girl 6
Another one, offered in the Victorian Casino Antiques auction, May 2014.