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Regular major sales of coin-operated machines, in Denver, USA.


Based in Cologne, Germany, specialising in technical and mechanical antiques, often including coin-operated machines.


Curated online auction and market.


US-based online auction searching and bidding service.


Listing predominantly British commercial (but fewer fine art) saleroom catalogues. Includes online viewing and bidding.


International auction aggregator offering online and live absentee bidding.


International fine art, antique and collectible auction, dealer and gallery tracker.


Listing art, antiques and collectibles from auction houses and galleries around the world. Includes free-to-use database of realized prices.


Europe’s leading portal for fine art and antiques auctions. Visitors to the site can search and browse catalogues and place bids over the internet in real time.


PAT. No.  US898765  Cartridge vending machine   Charles E Morris, 1908  


PAT. No.  US885358  Shooting gallery   Thomas D Morrow & Charles E Morris, 1808  


Packets of old-style Spangles for Win-A-Spangles allwins etc. Each packet of Fruit Spangles contains 8 hand-made sweets in 5 different flavours: strawberry, pineapple, orange, blackcurrant and lemon & lime. Each packet of Old English Flavours has 8 sweets in six different flavours: Butterscotch, Toffee Apple, Pear Drop, Liquorice, Spearmint and Aniseed.


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French site featuring a selection of early coin-operated games and a database of French game patents.


PAT. No.  GB190015882  Beverage vending spirometer   Arthur Samuel Williams, 1901  


PAT. No.  GB190015582  Prize vending shooting game   Edward Geisler Herbert, 1900  


PAT. No.  GB189921520  Tivoli/Bagatelle type   Charles Hermann Muller (New Polyphon Supply), 1900  


PAT. No.  GB189921519  Tivoli/Bagatelle type   Charles Hermann Muller (New Polyphon Supply), 1900  


PAT. No.  GB189900355  Skill game with balls on roulette-like table   Harry Geen Bucknell, 1899  


PAT. No.  GB189916495  Coin-freed racing game   Charles Middlebrook, 1900  


PAT. No.  GB189500268  Football (soccer) game with individual end controls (not coin-op)   James Sykes, 1895  


Canadian blog predominantly featuring pinball, but also pachinko and some British wall machines.


Italian specialist advertising vintage coin-op sales, restoration and research.


PAT. No.  GB1180560  Payout dice throwing machine   Mayfield Electronics Ltd., 1968  


PAT. No.  GB190207860  Electric shocker   New Polyphon Supply Co. Ltd. & K Schmidt, 1902  


PAT. No.  US2693962  Auto-pay dice game   Robert Stevens, 1954  


PAT. No.  US2007259  Basis for Mills Dice auto-pay craps game   Mills Novelty Co., 1935  


PAT. No.  GB538663  Improvements to coin-freed mechanism   Clement Garrett & Co. Ltd. & Leonard West, 1941  


PAT. No.  GB543028  Improved vending machine   Clement Garrett & Co. Ltd., 1942  


PAT. No.  GB530729  Improvements for delivering tickets etc.   Clement Garrett & Co. Ltd., 1940  


PAT. No.  GB324623  Improvements to coin-freed mechanism   Julian Clement Garrett, 1930  


PAT. No.  GB190104654  Improvements in money tills   Clement Garrett, 1901  


PAT. No.  US1998625  Deliver device for crane (Merchantman)   Claude R Kirk, John F Meyer, 1935  


American mechanical antique slot machine dealer supplying machines and related spares (decals, award cards & manuals).


The Old Penny Arcade at Woodbank Nurseries & Garden Centre, Harden Road, Harden, Bingley BD16 1BE contains a great selection of classic vintage games and working models in an attractively decorated 'seaside' interior.






Les Moulins de la Galette
Door of an old French machine a sous.



Bryans Fivewin



Le Phenix
Le Phenix, 1904



Le Patriote 1906