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Includes a history of jukebox manufacturers plus pages on jukebox mechanics and aesthetics.


Japanese resource with many early Sega one arm bandit flyers.


American forum about antique slot machines and coin operated devices.


Virtual catalogue featuring a wide range of coin-ops, and memorabilia from show exhibitors across the US.


Lynne and Michael Sands museum of remarkable machines at: 1652 Kennewick Drive, Sunnyvale, California 94087 USA


Includes a database of pinballs you can play all over the US, and also covers jukeboxes, arcade machines and related classic American coin-op culture.


American pinball enthusiast's site with a wealth of information and pictures about early pintables which you won't find elsewhere.


The biggest antique advertising, slot machine and jukebox trading show on the planet. Bi-annual.


Provides the US-based online collectors' community with collector registry, forum, events and other information.


The Coin Operated Collectors' Association, publisher of C.O.C.A. Times.


Ever expanding database of coin-operated machines.


Promoting Gameroom Magazine for coin-op enthusiasts.


Active and extensive American coin-op site.


Active Italian forum discussing predominantly pinball, but also vintage slot machines and jukeboxes. (Link to translated pages).


Peter and Ina's impressive Dutch collection of 30s - 60s arcade machines.


Many technical resources, a forum and extensive gallery/compendium of German gaming machines, ancient and modern.


Café Bally contains Johnny Christensen's museum of jukeboxes, pinballs and slot machines in the South of Sweden.


Swedish pinball, arcade and slot machine site with extensive collection of rare flyers.


Accurate simulations from Finland of several nostalgic retro amusement machines to download or play online.


Stig Hollegaard's stylish Danish site includes some unusual bandits and wall machines from Europe and America and other interesting pictures.


Technical information on '50s (and earlier) German wall machines, plus a good supply of spares parts for them.


Pictorial diary of a French bandit collector


Dutch Jukebox Gallery jukebox and slot machine shop


German site devoted to gumball machines.


Swiss site featuring a selection of German clowns and post-war wall machines.


Luxembourg-based Antik-Automaten is an active forum for antique German slot machines.


Brass and some stainless steel fasteners mainly in BA form, washers, split pins, roll pins, taper pins etc. Items Mail Order Ltd., 46 St Martins Road, North Leverton, Retford, Nottingham, DN22 0AU. Tel 01427 884319


Stainless steel fasteners in BSW, BA, BSF forms, washers, split pins etc.


Stainless steel fasteners in BSW, BA, BSF forms, washers, split pins etc.


Large online catalogue of screws, fasteners, etc.


Bandit spares, restoration, remanufacture by long established UK business


American resource includes online pinball and slot machine manuals


The Americans invented the coin-op crane. Admire and buy them at James Roller's ever-growing Vintage Amusements site.


Extensive French resource with forums for pinball, jukebox, slot machine and arcade game collectors.


Focusing on '50s German electro-mechanicals, with gallery, contacts, forum, classifieds, spares, restoration guide and service.


Active German site with forum, collector contacts, events, museum, etc.


Paint and painting equipment supplier


Replacement locks


Accurately reproduced acid-etched metal plates, tags, signs etc.


Chrome plating for restorers, diyers, etc.