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PAT. No.  14392  Boxers mechanical model   Cornelis Frederick Alexander Roell, 1890  


PAT. No. 11004   Kaleidoscope/pictures   R Timperley, 1890  


PAT. No. 10954   Boxers mechanical model   Cornelis Frederick Alexander Roell, 1890  


PAT. No. 6942   Boxers mechanical model   Cornelis Frederick Alexander Roell, 1890  


PAT. No. 4697   Race game   H O Berg (A McN Coyle), 1890  


PAT. No. ?   Phonographic fortune teller   ?, 1889  


PAT. No. 18676   Target with prize apparatus   F Redman, 1889  


PAT. No. 13260   Weighing machine   Percival Everitt, 1889  


PAT. No.  13259 (US400839)  Grip tester   Percival Everitt, 1889  


PAT. No. 12282   Mechanical models   Fred H Ayers and Walter Standers, 1889  


PAT. No. 11480   Spin dial game or fortune teller, wall machine   Anthony Harris, 1889  


PAT. No. ?   Dispensing   George Haydon, 1889  


PAT. No. 2970   Card vending figure/fortune   Arthur Munroe Pierce, 1889  


PAT. No. 1757   Electro-Medical Battery? shocker   Joseph Mason, 1889  


PAT. No. ?   Shooter   David Johnson, 1889  


PAT. No. 18306   Shocker (Not found)   Automatic Electric Supply Co & others, 1888  


PAT. No. 16750   Vending   George Haydon & others, 1888  


Carters wonderful traditional steam-powered fair touring around the London area, includes a traditional travelling penny machine arcade.


Family attraction includes mechanical music and antique pier machines. Watermouth Castle, Berrynarbor, Ilfracombe, North Devon, EX34 9SL


Drayton Manor family theme park owned by the Bryans' family includes a small museum (within the zoo area) featuring slot machines plus original tools and machining equipment from the old Bryans Works. Drayton Manor Drive, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B78 3TW


A working penny arcade with 20 coin operated machines that can be played. Watch and listen to the unique carousel or have your fortune told by Madame Battlebridge. Some of the late Joe Pettitt's choice coin-op automata at the Bridgebarn antique shop, Hawk Hill, Battlesbridge SS11 7RE


See What the Butler Saw, challenge your friends and family to a game of football or pinball, have your fortune told. When you've finished playing on the vintage amusements, wander through the fantasy world of miniature mechanical displays. Press the buttons to bring each scene to life - iconic sights of the world, ski village, fairground, circus and castle on the mountain. Fore Street, St. Marychurch, Torquay, TQ1 4PR


A few coin-op automata are on display at the V&A Museum of Childhood Cambridge Heath Road London E2 9PA


A large collection of old machines in the "Edwardian Penny Arcade" at Wookey Hole Caves. Visitors can play them with pre-decimalisation pennies available at the kiosk.


PAT. No. 7083   Corinthian? electro-medical batteries   Thomas William Ford, 1888  


PAT. No. 4998   Musical weighing machine   W T Whitman (US Machine & Inventors Co), 1888  


PAT. No. 2375   Picture viewer   Edmund Edwards, 1888  


PAT. No. 16574   Vending   Frank Harvey Urry, 1887  


PAT. No. ?   Spirometer   R Hewson & E Crowe, 1887  


PAT. No. 15161   Electric shock   Percival Everitt, 1887  


PAT. No. 14773   Testing muscle strength   G & H Bryant, 1887  


PAT. No. 11859   Gun discharge   William Reynolds Jnr., 1887  


PAT. No. 3801   Musical vendor   C E Hall, 1887  


PAT. No. 3158   Electric shock   Percival Everitt, 1887  


PAT. No. 2154   Race games (horses)   William Samuel Oliver, 1887  


PAT. No. ?   Speed testing appliance   J C Sellars, 1887  


PAT. No. ?   Electric shock   4 patentees, 1886  


PAT. No. ?   Electric shock with time limit   Mortimer Justin, 1886  


PAT. No. ?   Lung tester   ?, 1886  


PAT. No. ?   Measuring height   ?, 1886