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PAT. No. ?   Liquid dispenser   ?, 1885  


PAT. No. ?   Strength tester   Robert William Page, 1885  


PAT. No. 12576   Try Your Strength & various   Robert William Page, 1885  


PAT. No. 10725   Ticket machine   Percival Everitt, 1885  


PAT. No. ?   Improved postcard vendor   Percival Everitt, 1885  


PAT. No. 16433   Weighing machine   Percival Everitt, 1884  


PAT. No. 2033   Postcard vendor   John G Sandeman & Percival Everitt, 1883  


PAT. No. ?   Coin op bagatelle scoring etc.   W H Tetley & S Clayton, 1878  


PAT. No. 435   Oracle card dispenser   James Parkes, 1867  


PAT. No. 706   Stamp vendor   Simeon Denham, 1857  


My Dad's Toys includes a collection of British arcade games


Dedicated to collecting and restoration of antique penny arcade machines


Yahoo Group for "collectors and admirers of pre-1980 penny arcade machines, especially electro-mechanical types, once found in amusement arcades and cafes around the UK."


All about the products and history of this quirky British jukebox manufacturer


Informative site about pre-decimal British coinage


British slot machine enthusiast shares his interest


UK company restoring and selling vintage jukeboxes


Website of the Jukebox & Retro Fair, with details of past and forthcoming events


British Amusement Caterers Trade Association


Melvyn Wright's other slot machine place featuring an assortment of games.


Information-packed area dedicated to Bryans Machine Works products. Plenty of pictures and technical details.


PAT. No.  Scarborough Fair Collection  Weighing machine   Percival Everitt, 1886  


PAT. No.  Scarborough Fair Collection  Apparatus for closing receptacles for coin or other articles   Percival Everitt, 1886  


American supplier of slot machine spares.


Pinball News keeps the pinball flame burning and should be your first UK port of call for all things pinball.