Latest Archive Submissions


PAT. No.  GB190207860  Electric shocker   New Polyphon Supply Co. Ltd. & K Schmidt, 1902  


PAT. No.  US2693962  Auto-pay dice game   Robert Stevens, 1954  


PAT. No.  US2007259  Basis for Mills Dice auto-pay craps game   Mills Novelty Co., 1935  


PAT. No.  GB538663  Improvements to coin-freed mechanism   Clement Garrett & Co. Ltd. & Leonard West, 1941  


PAT. No.  GB543028  Improved vending machine   Clement Garrett & Co. Ltd., 1942  


PAT. No.  GB530729  Improvements for delivering tickets etc.   Clement Garrett & Co. Ltd., 1940  


PAT. No.  GB324623  Improvements to coin-freed mechanism   Julian Clement Garrett, 1930  


PAT. No.  GB190104654  Improvements in money tills   Clement Garrett, 1901  


PAT. No.  US1998625  Deliver device for crane (Merchantman)   Claude R Kirk, John F Meyer, 1935  


American mechanical antique slot machine dealer supplying machines and related spares (decals, award cards & manuals).


The Old Penny Arcade at Woodbank Nurseries & Garden Centre, Harden Road, Harden, Bingley BD16 1BE contains a great selection of classic vintage games and working models in an attractively decorated 'seaside' interior.






Les Moulins de la Galette
Door of an old French machine a sous.



Bryans Fivewin



Le Phenix
Le Phenix, 1904



Le Patriote 1906



La Puce
LA PUCE 1928


Detailed construction plans and instructions for building classic German wall machines, plus some useful replica parts.


PAT. No.  GB272624  Pneumatic two player football   Charles John Jacobs, 1927  



Beat the Goalie


About a dozen machines including an Ice Hockey, Time Limit allwin, Carousel allwin, 3-4 bandits (German), 1930s small fortune teller (nice rare thing), pusher, Challenger, etc. It also has an American Diner with a very nice set of 1930s fortune teller scales and jukebox. It's open every day, upstairs at The Shake Shop, 12 Market Square, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX28 6BB


PAT. No.  US2135182  Mysterious Eye payout dice   Joze Allen, James E Johnson, 1938  


Long-standing American supplier of slot machine spares, castings, parts, reel strips etc.


Describes itself as the world's largest museum of jukeboxes, pinballs and coin operated entertainment machines displaying about 700 items from between 1890 to 2018. Terra Technica is in Excalibur City, Chvalovice - HatΔ› 195, CZ 66902 Znojmo, the Czech Republic.



Nestle Chocolate vendor
Cast iron twin Nestles Chocolate vendor



BMCo mechanism
Horizontal arm in BMCo autopay allwin


The Vulcan Cylinder Record Company make hard-wearing, plastic cylinder records for use on Edison, Columbia and similar cylinder phonographs using original techniques. They offer a range of records in standard 2-minute, 4-minute, 6-inch long and 5-inch diameter Concert formats and bespoke recordings. Based in Sheffield, England.


Extensive catalogue of Mutoscope reels made with original equipment and techniques, including bespoke content. Tom Reverand, 145 Woodland Rd. Demarest, NJ, USA.


PAT. No.  FR428705  Paris Courses   Automatiques Bussoz, 1911  


The Internet Pinball Machine Database β€” also known as the IPDB β€” is a comprehensive, searchable encyclopedia of virtually every pinball machine ever commercially made.


PAT. No.  FR463669  Roulette Visible   Automatiques Bussoz, 1914  


PAT. No.  US2053828  Coin-freed machine (US pat)   Percy Stephen Harper, 1935  


PAT. No.  GB350002  Combined weighing & vending machine   George Salter & Co Ltd & Edward Robert Rogers, 1931  


PAT. No.  GB362989  Combined weighing & vending machine   George Salter & Co Ltd & Edward Robert Rogers, 1931  


PAT. No.  GB344888  Coin-freed machines and the like   George Salter & Co Ltd & Thomas William Bache, 1931  


PAT. No.  GB349493  Coin-freed mechanism   Thomas Frederick Caldwell, 1931  


PAT. No.  GB332585  Coin-freed mechanism   Thomas Frederick Caldwell, 1930  


PAT. No.  GB404391  Coin-freed vending   George Salter & Co Ltd & Thomas Frederick Caldwell, 1934  


PAT. No.  GB399303  Coin-freed vending machines   George Salter & Co Ltd & Thomas Frederick Caldwell, 1933  


PAT. No.  GB400785  Coin-freed mechanism   Thomas Frederick Caldwell, 1933