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Mostly pinball but also other vintage coin-operated machines. Resource-rich with information, pictures, repair guides etc.


Dutch slot machine trading site.


Dedicated to the all Australian designed and made Musicola Jukebox.


Dutch maker and supplier of Bally Bingo and other bespoke backglasses for pinball etc. including mirror glasses.


Recommended by Forum member bugdust for chrome plating of Jennings (mazak/aluminium) castings.



Mills Criss Cross



Line up



Hi tops & Gum vendor


French site showing many classic vintage European amusement machines and their mechanisms.


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Liberty Games is the UK's leading games room retailer. It counts thousands of products in its range, from refurbished classic arcade machines, pinballs and slot machines to pool tables, foosball tables and table tennis equipment. Careful price checking, included accessories and free delivery on everything makes it the best value place to buy games room equipment. Based just outside London in Epsom, Surrey, it employs a team of specialist staff to help with sales advice, technical assistance and aftersales care. Liberty Games ships across the UK and across the world, and with plenty of rare classics in stock, is the only place to go for your dream games room products.


Manchester-based company recommended service for chromium plating brass, steel etc. R+S Electroplating Limited, (Chrome Plating Specialists), The Smithy, 2 Crown Street, Failsworth, Manchester, M35 9BD Tel: 0161 6834908


Reproduction reel strips and award cards for Mills, Jennings, Pace, Watling, Columbia and Caille slot machines.



PAT. No.  GB102746  Tug of War, two player wall machine   John Jofeh, 1916  


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PAT. No.  US1971062  Revolving Jackpots bandit   Walter William Burton, 1934