Random Gallery

Home arcade
Some of my machines that are "allowed" to be kept in the dinning room.
Jackpot connection
Mills Bonus Hi Top restored
10ct High Top Bonus. This machine took me a while to reverse engineer the bonus mechanism and figure out how to make it work.
Bergmann Monaco
Duo Mat
I have a soft spot for German machines.
Full Team Football
Mills Cross Diamond before & after
Cross Diamond Free play, base contains the relays and steps. I converted it to a 3/5 Payout machine and used the lighted payout front panel to show you the payout amounts. These machines used to be in Frank Costello's night clubs & bars.
Aristocrat Olympic Wheelie
Firmin bandit
Mills Vest Pocket – original
Pace girl 4
They are all slightly different - faces, hair, makeup, the way they stand.
Wheelie mech
Cabinet painted
Allwin De Luxe
Allwin Deluxe on 1d.
Wheel repair
Wheel repair
Wheelie coin acceptor
Sega Strike A Bonanza
A nice original Sega I wish I hadn't sold.
Pace girl 2
I'm told her name is Alexis. Somebody loves Alexis - she has on actual clothes. Most are just painted. Their casino home was destroyed by fire in 1962, but all 21 of the girls were inexplicably absent from the property that day.
Vest Pocket red coat
The instrument
Finger winning position
Wonders Honest Joe
Honest Joe after restoration.
Bally leaf switch & solenoid
Philip Shefras Flash Win
Star catcher
Restored catcher.
Wheelie adjustment
Broken coin mech
Flash Win upper view
Slide stack
Wheelie mech top view
Aristocrat Olympic Wheelie
After restoration
Measuring coin cup
Coin mech repair
Nestle Chocolate vendor
Cast iron twin Nestles Chocolate vendor
Imo Rennen Horse Racing
All-mechanical pinball made by Jentzsch & Meerz.
Wheel repair
Silver Jubilee
Interesting machine, started life on 6d , went to France when decimals came in and saw service on French money, came back to the UK when France went Euro. When I took the base off, I found almost 400 6d coins that had been travelling back and forth across the channel.
Wheelie empty cabinet
Left side view
Wheel repair
Wheelie electrics