Random Gallery

Mills 4 Reel Hi Top
Have owned this for over 40 years. It came out of The Tivoli amusement arcade in New Brighton, Wirral.
Wheel repair
Interior cabinet
My first slot machine
My first slot machine. No idea on the age. I saw it and bought it on impulse from Facebook link. It needs some restoration. I need some help. Anyone in the West Yorkshire area that may give me some advice? The picture was taken as a snap shot from my iPad. As stated, the machine won't pay out. I've taken the money dispenser out and there seems to be a belt missing from the motor and the actual orbital wheel that collects the 10p coins. The final thing....now the light has stopped working in the top section. I have tried to see if there are any loose connections, changed the lights around and the small starter motors but they all work. Hope someone can help please. Gav the novice!!
Pace girl 3
Number three, seen at an auction house.
Jubilee clock gears
Wheelie front
Reels side view
Wheelie coin acceptor
Mills Skyscraper before & after
This was my first restoration machine. Notice the 2 star reserve jackpot cover.
Imo Rennen Horse Racing
All-mechanical pinball made by Jentzsch & Meerz.
Wheel repair
Jennings Victory
Jennings Victory 1d.
Fingers through discs
Wheelie cabinet
Wheelie mech high angle
Wheelie mech restore
Domino wall machine
Made by Handan-Ni.
Firmin bandit
Before restoration
Flash Win mech
Paint drying
Without reel bundle
Firmin bandit
Full Team Football
Aristocrat Olympic Wheelie
Cents vs Pennies
German Kalloscop stero viewer
After restoration
Bally bandit
Bradwin side view
Second tube
The operation
Mints allwin
Wheelie mech close up
Wheelie payouts
Hoffmann Hellomat Sekunda
Wheelie mech
Wheel repair
Wheelie adjustment
Mills Hi Top DeLong Cowboy
Richard Delong Carved slot Character, early '80s. Has the rare US Silver Dollar base.