Random Gallery

Coin tube
Jennings Today before & after
This machine had a void space between the vender section and mechanism and when I took it apart I found over 50 nickels from the early 1920s. Cool find.
Mechanism close up
Showing top/front mounted coin acceptor.
Wheelie clock
Wheelie payout fingers
Wheelie coin acceptor
Mills Jewel
Tried to get this back to original but wasn't happy with it.
Finished – side view
Wheelie mech
Upper lever mechanism
Wheelie reels
Wheelie cabinet
A nice easy machine to restore. I've done several.
Sega Continental Mark 20
My slot machine perfectly working, looking for user manual.
Home arcade
Some of my machines that are "allowed" to be kept in the dinning room.
Wheelie adjustment
Little Stockbroker
Bought this from a guy who had about 210 of them. This one from Margate Pier.
Close up payout discs
Wheel repair
Bradwin Aristocrat logo
Full Team Football
Jubilee mech stripped
Second payout
Repair to a damaged Wonders door
Jennings Galaxy
Also Sega clone "Lucky Devil" and Film Stars. I've since sold all of these.
Wheelie mech restore
Wheelie top view
Wheelie mech
The wheels inside
Wheel repair
Mills Extraordinary
A rare machine for me as I bought it already restored.
Dated 1955
Mills Black Cherry
Restoration with my own colour choices.
Flash Win lower playfield
Blocked escalator
Second payout
Les Moulins de la Galette
Door of an old French machine a sous.
Coin tube removed
Aristocrat Olympic Wheelie
Finger normal position
NSM Rotamint Silber
Wheelie reels
Vest Pocket disassembled
My first slot machine
My first slot machine. No idea on the age. I saw it and bought it on impulse from Facebook link. It needs some restoration. I need some help. Anyone in the West Yorkshire area that may give me some advice? The picture was taken as a snap shot from my iPad. As stated, the machine won't pay out. I've taken the money dispenser out and there seems to be a belt missing from the motor and the actual orbital wheel that collects the 10p coins. The final thing....now the light has stopped working in the top section. I have tried to see if there are any loose connections, changed the lights around and the small starter motors but they all work. Hope someone can help please. Gav the novice!!
Wheelie cabinet
Watling Gum Ball
Watling gum ball 1 cent.
Fingers through discs