Random Gallery

Le Phenix
Le Phenix, 1904
Measuring coin cup
Pace girl 1
One of the 21 plastic cocktail waitresses made for the Golden Casino, Reno. They would be 58 this year (2014). I don't own any of these, but occasionally they come up for sale.
Slide stack
Wheel repair
Pace girl 4
They are all slightly different - faces, hair, makeup, the way they stand.
Firmin bandit
Pace girl 6
Another one, offered in the Victorian Casino Antiques auction, May 2014.
Wheelie mech sideview
Playing Aristocrat
Mech on bench
Mills War Eagle
1933 War Eagle (restored).
Close up detail
Bradwin Aristocrat allwin
Unusual, ugly and quite interesting.
Payout slides
Complete Slides
Payout slides
Measuring coin cup
Nestle Chocolate vendor
Cast iron twin Nestles Chocolate vendor
Wheelie mech assembly
Inside cabinet
Wheelie dog & anvil
Aristocrat Olympic Wheelie
Without reel bundle
Firmin bandit
Before restoration
Jubilee clock gears
Imo Rennen Horse Racing
All-mechanical pinball made by Jentzsch & Meerz.
Home arcade
Some of my machines that are "allowed" to be kept in the dinning room.
Deci King
Jennings Chief
If you're going to collect bandits you got to have one of these of course.
Hi tops & Gum vendor
Jubilee Riviera Crazy Coppers
Sega Strike A Bonanza
Sega Strike A Bonanza 2p.
New Gamesroom
The "new" gamesroom just before mounting all the games to the wall.
Finger normal position
Firmin bandit
Fast forward to 2014, the collection has grown to over 90 games that, as of the moment, are holding down the corner of a detached garage at my new home. Comparing the two pictures, not much progress in eleven years, I fear.
Wheelie mech high angle
Wheelie mech top view
Goetchen tade stim
You got to like the lady smoking the cig on the front.
Mills Hi Top DeLong Cowboy
Richard Delong Carved slot Character, early '80s. Has the rare US Silver Dollar base.
Wheelie mech
Buckley Criss Cross
I like Buckleys - a nice Art Deco design. This one has a Buckley mech rather than the usual Mills.