The Old Penny Arcade at Woodbank Nurseries & Garden Centre, Harden Road, Harden, Bingley BD16 1BE contains a great selection of classic vintage games and working models in an attractively decorated 'seaside' interior.

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Mr Alex P Barnes
June 2, 2020 9:03 am

This is brilliant, I’m trying to complete a date run of my collection of old English pennies….this is great fun for me and my daughter. We put our swaps/ duplicates in, in anticipation of finding a dated coin we need. Unfortunately, currently due the COVID-19 epidemic the centre has been closed to prevent further spread of said disease. On re-opening of Woodbank the social distance measures are rightfully in place….unfortunately for me/us the Penny machines are out of bounds….this occupies my daughter and I whilst the wife saunters around with all the time in the world looking at green stuff… Read more »

June 15, 2020 6:38 pm

I am friends with the owner of that arcade. We spoke about my interest in old penny arcade machines on there and the stuff he told me about each amusement is amazing! Even fun that he collects automatons and other machines at home.