Testo Reaction Machines, - Make me an Offer. NOT selling spares or single units. Good Opportunity.

Advertised again due 2x time wasters so when reopen will go to Elephant auction unless I get an offer. They are the very last Testo Reaction units over 60 - 70 years old. There are 37 complete units + in addition there are 36 boxes, 27 complete mechanisms + another 20 bell units & 34 front glasses so enough to assemble yet another 27 units ie 63 machines in total + loads of spare nuts, bolts, hinges etc. Opportunity to make a few £1000 Pounds profit if you have time to clean up. They have been in dry storage so do need TLC to get back into full working order but everything needed is included. Location is near Gatwick (UK). 1 sold in Italy last year for £ 189 and another in the UK for £ 130, many were sold in the USA so there's certainly a good profit to be made if sold singularly. If installed in Pubs, Clubs & Leisure Area & if each machine took £ 10 per month that's £ 7560 pa split 50/50 with location. Now retired - make me an offer between £2 -£3K. Not selling spares or singles.

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