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WANTED: Original coin operated 1950's Modern Enterprises or Ruffler and Walker amusement machines with Insull characters, such as Laughing Policeman, Laughing Sailor, Laughing Clown, Cry Baby, Sidney Knows, Minstrel Bands, Clown Bands ,Jolson Sings, Miracle Man, Marvo the Mystic, Insull Gnomes, Band Boxes, Play Boy, Piano Player, Sidney Sings, Opera Singers and any other Insull characters or Fortune Tellers with Insull figures such as Madam Sandra.
Must be original Insull figures and not reproduction. Any condition considered with or without case , and any original dolls or parts or original empty cases are of interest too.
As a collector, not a dealer, I will pay the best price for original pieces. Overpainted or damaged figures are still of interest as I can restore these.

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