Wanted: American slot-machine parts

I've restored a number of coin-op machines over the years. Among these, many slot machines - mostly American slots from the big five (Mills, Jennings, Caille, Watling and Pace). However lately I've been unable to fully finish a few machines, as certain parts where missing and I found it difficult to dig up any replacements. It would seem that some of my contacts in the US may have dried up. Who knows why.

Whatever the reason, I am poking my head up looking for a few friendly stocked people to trade with / buy from :). As the UK has a robust coin-op scene, I figured that I may find a few of them on this forum. It never hurts to ask i suppose.

Does anyone here stock spare parts for these kind of machines? Or know of someone that does?

Various parts for a Caille Victory. 2 x Mills HiTop-type jackpot mechs. A Mills FOK vendor mech. Mills/Pace marquees (top sign castings/frames). Jennings Standard chief back bonnet. Original locks w. keys for most machine.

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