63 x 1950 / 1960's Vintage Testo Reaction Machines - (Sold)

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‘Freedom” day so I can now put these vintage 1950/60's reaction units up for sale. Very popular in UK for many years. Mechanical, but a battery can be optionally installed which illuminates a red light while waiting for the mechanism to release the coin. It works fine without the battery. Look great in a games room or Home Bar.

The machines were made before circuit boards had been heard & consist of a simple but amazing mechanism that can't really break down.

Please note that I am NOT selling units or spares individually & the buyer will be responsible for collection.

There are 37 complete units and literally loads of spare parts to make up yet another 27 units i.e. 64 machines in total but I will be keeping one for myself so make that 63.

Will be advertised for 2 weeks and then best offer will be accepted but 1st person to offer £1250 or VNO will get everything - a bargain. On 36 units that's £ 34 each & if you assembled the other 27 units making 63 units it’s only £ 19.85 each.

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