Jennings Club Chief (tic-tac-toe) sixpence slot machine

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This is a 1949 Jennings Club Chief slot machine. The machine is fully working and in great condition. I can only see two aesthetic problems with it. One is there are some small blemishes on the metal that become noticeable as you come close up to it, and the other is that because of its age the paper slot reel has some scratches on it. So for these I am happy to negotiate the price. I have had the machine priced by a specialist and they said £2000 is a good asking price for a machine like this. As far as I know all the parts are originals. It measures 69cm by 39cm (69cm by 48cm including the lever). As well as the machine you would receive the owners pictorial guide (manual), a key for opening up the machine and a bag of sixpences to play the machine, and of course the machine is loaded with sixpences to win.

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