Automatic Chewing Sweet Sales Ltd

The company was incorporated as British Automatic Chewing Sweet Company Ltd (as a subsidiary of Associated Automatic Chewing Sweet Company Ltd) in 1929, to deal with sales of Beech Nut Sweets (chewing gum). It was renamed Automatic Chewing Sweet Sales Ltd. in 1929. The assets of General Automatic Company Ltd and General Automatic Company (Scotland) Ltd were transferred to A.C.S.S. Ltd in 1931. The business was converted into a private company in 1936 and manufactured Beechnut chewing gum vendors from a factory at 61 Wigginton Road, York. When it ceased trading as a separate company in 1967 its assets were transferred to Rowntree & Co.; the functions of the company were then carried out by the Sales Function, Vending Section of Rowntree & Co. The company remained in existence until c.1975.  Source: A Guide to the Rowntree and Mackintosh Company Archives, 1862-1969, by Judith Burg.

Beech-Nut Chewing Gum

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