The Bell-Fruit Manufacturing Co. Ltd (now Bell Fruit Games Ltd) was founded in Leen Gate, Nottingham on July 16th, 1963 at the former Premier Cash Register Company by American entrepreneur Kenyon Wilkinson, assisted by Kenyon Jnr., Lane Fleischer from Nevada and Lou Benetti. Ex-employees of the former company were taken on as the workforce. Benetti designed their original Bell-Fruit 777 Club model, the first of a line of distinctive bar-top mechanical bandits with light-up glasses produced using tooling purchased from Watling Manufacturing Co. of Chicago. Their games were chiefly targeted at the British pub trade and were sold to several major breweries. The company became a leading manufacturer and distributor of gaming machines in the UK, introducing several electro-mechanical console games.

Three Penny Supreme
Win With Flowers
Three Alike

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