Haydon and Urry

Haydon & Urry Ltd, was founded in the 1890s and headed by George Haydon and Frank Urry, producing phonographs and coin-operated machines from 34 Gray's Inn Road, London, moving in late 1896 to 353 Upper Street, Islington. They produced the Erascope 3D viewer and the Eragraph film projector, purportedly of their own design and manufacture, having applied for a patent on 10 February 1897 (it received provisional protection only). They also produced a small number of their own films. On 8th September 1900 the company was wound up and a new company,  Automatic Machines Ltd. was formed, headed by Haydon's son George, which was dissolved in 1916. The Haydon Manufacturing Company Ltd., (not to be confused with the American company of the same name) was established around 1920 at St Alban's Place, Islington, London, and headed by Victor, son of George who worked with William Montague of the British American Novelty Co. to produce shooting games, most notably the Pussy Shooter. By 1930, the address was in Fetter Lane and the company was dissolved in 1948.

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