Jamieson Automatics

The company had its origins in the early 1950s before taking the Jamieson Automatics Ltd name. It was founded by electrical engineer Arthur Ian Jamieson who partnered with another electrical engineer, Lawrence (Laurie) Binns, to produce a pioneering and diverse range of electro-mechanical wall and floor-standing amusement machines. The factory was based originally in Westgate, Bridlington (formerly 47 Market Place, Bridlington Old Town). From 1957 - 1970 their products were marketed by Kraft Automatics, 158 Stoke Newington Road, London.

Ian Michael Jamieson (son of Arthur) formed Scando Games (also based in Bridlington) with Norwegian Rohr Knudsen from Scandomatic AS (Scando) to handle to exploit the success of their games in Scandinavia.